Chancellors Message

Jamia Markazu Ssaquafathi Ssunniyya, a prestigious charitable religious institution in India. It is playing a key-role for the renaissance of Muslim community. It is a safe heaven for the orphans and destitute. The charitable resonances to the needy and destitute are the main objective of Markaz.The physical and financial help of the generous community helped Markaz to secure the prominent place among the world Muslim Institutions. Still we have to achieve many to our community, Hence I request to extent your generosity towards Markaz.
Sheik Aboobacker Ahmed

Major Activities


The name of Markaz is shining as a star not only in 10 states of India, Andaman and…
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The succor and support of Markaz spreads all over India and abroad and it has become a shelter…
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The divisional offices and regional centers of Markaz are spread on a number of places; mainly in…
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Jamia Markaz has established sub centers in different parts of glob likeUK,UAE,KSA,Oman…
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What Others Say About Markaz

I am sure that the students of Jamia Markaz Institutions are having such educational environment for building their self-esteems and self-confidence

Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam (Former President of the Republic of India)

The future of India will be built by visionaries like Sheikh Aboobacker Musliyar and not people like me.

Dr. Kapil Sibal Former Union Cabinet Minister,Human Resource Development, Govt of India.

Markaz is an institution of prestige that brings great services to backward community. I was happy to see orphans from Kashmir, full of joy and happiness with this environment. It is a great institution and I think this process should continue.

Mufti Muhammad Saeed (Former CM – Kashmir)

فقد وفقنا الله لزيارة هذه جامعة مركز الثقافة السنية وذلك بعد تأسيسها قبل 25 سنة ورأينا أن الجامعة قد تطورت وأنبعت وأعطت ثمارها فنسأل الله عز وجل مزيدا من التقدم وال

Sayyid Alawi Maliki Makkah

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institute of human resource activation and management ideal association for minority education .